Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home (and a plea)

For the last 4 days my hometown...my birthplace...has been ravaged by flooding. The images are absolutely devastating. Take a look at these before and after GIFs if you need more convincing.

People have lost everything. Charleston, Columbia and countless other small towns across the Midlands of SC have seen more than 5 feet of water destroy homes, business, churches, roads, schools, hospitals and take lives. It's especially devastating in Columbia, which sits about 200 miles inland from the coast. Most people in Columbia do not carry flood insurance because it's inland and very dry normally. Even though Columbia sits amongst a number a rivers, they've never experienced this level of flooding. And even when the rain stops, the threat of flooding is still imminent as a lot of dams are breaking and wiping out neighborhoods.

Thankfully, my family in Columbia, Lexington, Elgin, Mt. Pleasant and Greenville are all safe. My husband and I (and our immediate families) who live in the Upstate/Northern SC are also all safe. I am so grateful we were all spared. But others were not so lucky. Today, I plead with you to do something to help. 1) pray for the people affected (if you're the praying type or send good vibes/juju/etc.) and 2) donate to the Red Cross for SC flood relief

Donating to the Red Cross is the fastest and best way to get aid directly to those affected. They are already on the ground in SC distributing drinking water and supplies. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 


  1. I've totally been keeping SC in my thoughts and prayers. We have friends down that way, too and it's so sad to see the photos on the news and hear the stories. I hope things settle down, soon!

  2. I donated yesterday. It's terrible. I'm sad for everyone.

  3. Awful. Natural disasters always make me so sad. No matter what, there never seems to be a way to adequately prepare for something like that to happen.


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