Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!

Here's your weekly dose of randomness. And GIFs...of course.

1// I bought another Kate Spade bag during their secret sale. This one is dual-purpose because it will work as a purse but also hold my laptop. Plus I got 20% off clearance price for it. WIN-WIN-WIN. Also, I'm obsessed.

2// Speaking of travel, I'm headed to Charleston, WV, Pittsburgh and Chicago in November...all for work. If any of you have suggestions for cool places to eat or things to do, let me know!

3// My Halloween costume is almost complete. I have a few more things to do to it this weekend and then I'll be done! Pics to come soon!

4// I purchased another plaid flannel shirt this week from Old Navy. (they were having a great sale!) WHO AM I? This brings my grand total to 3 plaid shirts in my closet. And I want more!!

When the person that's been swerving in and out of traffic has to merge in BEHIND me. 

When I'm trying to make my Christmas wish list for family. 

When I ask for feedback via email and get nothing. Then decide to bring it up in a meeting and all of a sudden everyone has an opinion. 


Sigh. Me too. 

Join in on the fun below! Link up your blog post about ANYTHING! Happy Thursday! 


  1. I think I have four flannels in my closet. Weird. I did love the grunge phase in the early 90s. LOL

    Chicago - The Purple Pig, the Girl & the Goat, Lou Malnati's!

  2. Pittsburgh -- you have to go to Primanti's; and take one of the inclines to the top of Mt. Washington


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