Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Show Us Your Books: What I Read

It's been a hot minute since I've linked up with this post...and well...I can directly attribute that to a crazy last few months and a lack of downtime. Well, more specifically, a lack of downtime dedicated to reading. But I've not been completely without my number 1 favorite pastime the last month. Here's what I read...

Life According to Steph 
Happy anniversary to Steph and Jana for this linkup! 

The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
I think this is actually YA fiction, but I still loved it. It's a great book for book lovers as it's about an author and an owner of an antique book shop. Both have secrets in their past that they work together to uncover and both are completely changed by the unveiling. This book has mystery, history, family "issues", and surprise me in a lot of places. I couldn't put this one down! Five out of five salted caramels.

Possible Side Effects - Augusten Burroughs
I felt a little obligated to read this one since a friend loaned me all of her Augusten Burroughs books and this is the only one I hadn't read yet. With that being said, I didn't hate this book. In typical author fashion, his book is a series of true (?) and funny essays about his life and childhood. Again, this guy really has had a zinger of a childhood, for sure. Some parts made me laugh out loud and others made me cringe. Overall, I thought it was good but it blended in to some of his other works to make this one long indistinguishable bio epic. Three out of five salted caramels.

Soldiers of Fortune - Jana Deleon
This is book 6 in the Miss Fortune mystery series. It's about a CIA assassin who is sent into hiding in a tiny Louisiana bayou town full of nosy old ladies and ex-cons. I enjoy reading about small-town Southern life since...well...I'm Southern. These books continue to keep my attention with just enough mystery/crime to offset the kooky cast...and a little love interest as well. Four out of five salted caramels.

Well, that's it for me. Just the three last month. Hoping that the cooler weather will force me to get outside and tackle a few more this month!

Join me on Thursday for the Thursday Thoughts linkup! Pretty please?


  1. I enjoyed The Thirteenth Tale when I read it. It's been a while.

    I think I read one or two Burroughs books but then they became too much for me.

  2. I had The Thirteenth Tale years ago.... Sadly I never read. I think it's time to find it again :) Also, your rating system... love it!

  3. I read Running with Scissors years ago and that was enough of his childhood for me. He is a funny guy, though.

    I'm going to read that third book just on the simple fact that someone else is named Jana. We need to stick together.

  4. According to goodreads, I read The Thirteenth Tale back in 2007 and loved it! I've never read any of Burroughs books....not sure that I want to!

  5. The Thirteen Tale sound really good, checking that one out.

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  7. I think I'm the only one who didn't really enjoy The Thirteenth Tale. But, I'm weird and it happens. :)

  8. Added 13th Tale to my TBR list. I tried reading Running with Scissors years ago and just couldn't get into it. I wanted to, but gave it up. Apparently I got more stubborn with age because now I probably would have finished it anyways.

  9. I liked 13th Tale when I read it. It's been a long time so don't remember too much. I love Burroughs. His essays read easy and I love the weirdness.

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