Monday, January 4, 2016

Overused Words I Hope Die in 2016

I consider myself a wordsmith. With that being said, there are a few words/phrases that I absolutely abhor and I hope die a swift death in 2016.

"All the feels"
Just stop it! That doesn't even make sense!!!! Let's use the proper terminology here: "That article on Buzzfeed was emotionally charging." Or "That episode was so sentimental/heartbreaking/joyful..." Saying "all the feels" is a lazy way to avoid identifying with a particular emotion or feeling. (I'll admit I liked this one at first until I really thought about it. Now? No ma'am.)

If I hear you say vape around me I will automatically judge you and assume your IQ is much lower than mine. It needs to stop. And don't get me started on "vaporium" or "vaping lounge". Bleh. Also, this may not be smoking but you're still inhaling bad 

This is more used in the business/marketing world (which I am a part of) and I loathe it. Use the proper terminology here again. Use "customer" or "audience" or "user" or even "brand ambassador"...not influencer. 

"Have a conversation"
This is a buzz phrase that's driving me up a wall. We have to "have a conversation" about everything. A conversation about racism, about politics, about baby food or oatmeal. How about we diversify and say "talk about" or even "debate" or "dialogue". 

I follow a lot of weight loss bloggers or Instagram accounts. This word is probably the most overused. And usually it's accompanied by "amazing". GAG ME. 

If you are the unfortunate user of any of these words, I'm sorry. I'm happy to provide some alternatives for you to use instead. Thank you and good day! :)


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