Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How I've Learned to Appreciate "Investment" Items

Recently I blogged about how I've started to gravitate to investment clothing and accessories instead of my usual cheap fare. It lasts longer and holds up better to my constant wear. For example, cardigans, shoes and purses are what I go through the quickest. So, I've started to invest in higher quality pieces that will last longer and had some really great results.

Slowly but surely, I'm purging my closet of some of my inexpensive-but-often-replaced items like tops and shoes with better quality ones. NOTE: I still get everything on sale. Mama doesn't pay full price for almost anything! 

Now for some of you, these stores might not be "investment" level for you. But for me, they are. I'm used to Target and Old Navy so these are a step or 2 (or 3) up from my norm.

I've had a crush on Kate Spade for years. Now I've taken the plunge to investing in these bags. They last forever (according to tons of people...I've only had mine for a few months) and the style/design of the bags really are cohesive with my own fashion style.

So far, I own 4 Kate Spade bags. I never spend more than $200 on them (the most expensive was $175) and I absolutely love them. I've learned that having a tote full of purses is no longer my norm. Instead, I have a tote half full of 4 purses (in their dust cover bags) and I'm perfectly okay with that.

I get most of my KS purses here.

Again, I never pay full price because I think LOFT and AT are still out of my normal price range. But their sale prices definitely fit my budget. And I got a LOFT gift card for Christmas. Recently I've purchased a few shells to wear with cardigans and dress pants for work. I love, LOVE the Anne Taylor cardigans I got over the summer at the outlet. Now I'm on the lookout for a few more...that aren't $70 each. :)

Land's End is one of those stores that you think only sells coats. Or was that just me? They have very awesome work stuff and great quality tops. The only thing I've noticed is their sizing seems a little off. I have to size down for their stuff. But I've purchased a coat, sweaters, tanks, shells and even a dress from there and I love them!

I usually either ask for these shoes for Christmas presents or just buy a pair a year when they go on big sales. But I love the quality of these shoes. This is coming from someone who is a wreck with shoes...they last! They are definitely pricey but worth it!

Gone are the days where CoverGirl, Revlon and Wet n' Wild dominated my makeup bag. Not that there's anything wrong with these brands, but I don't wear makeup on a wild whim...I wear it daily. And my skin can't tolerate a lot of the cheaper products. So, I invest in high end makeup. The lone hold-outs are Maybelline Great Lash mascara (because it's amazing) and a few NYX things. I really like the NYX brand.

What are some of your investment items?

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  1. I don't do cheap purses anymore. I spent almost $200 on my current bag and have used it for over a year with very few change outs.

    I like LOFT clothes but also love COLOR and sometimes they lack in that area. I also like to buy new things, so I love SALE LOFT clothes even more.

    Shoes I beat on tremendously.


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