Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Design Style: Transitional with a Touch of Country

I've been going through a bit of a design personality disorder lately. My own home decor style is an unusual one and it's definitely changing as I get older. No longer do I want bright colors everywhere, but I opt for neutrals. As a matter-of-fact, one of the most "done" rooms in my house that we get the most compliments on is my bedroom. My bedroom is 100% neutral colors.

Anywho, not the point. I've always figured myself a "transitional" decor personality and I still think that applies. But I'd like to introduce another little touch to my design

Right? It's crazy! Two months ago I'd vehemently deny that had any sort of country decor style in my genes. M (bless him) got me some magazine subscriptions for Christmas (because I am obsessed with magazines) and one of them was for Country Living. I didn't say anything to him but just figured I'd probably not like anything in there. I had visions of red and yellow plaid prints and chickens/cow figurines.

Boy was I wrong! My first issue came yesterday and I was blown away at how much stuff I loved in that magazine. And M and I were discussing him hanging some shelves for me to display my white servingware in the kitchen and they had photos of that exact thing. I loved the photos in this article and this one!

So, shame on me for not thinking the "country" decor style had evolved since 1991. I was pleasantly surprised and would even venture to now say that my decor style is transitional with a little bit country.

Transitional Country Home Decor Style

Transitional Country Home Decor Style by aprilanne147 featuring inlaid furniture

In the picture above, there are elements of transitional style and country. The style of the chair, the sofa and the side table are transitional, along with the color palette. There are pops of "country" in the rustic wood table, mosaic stone lamp and faux-fur accents. Pretty much I would love to replicate this room in my living room to the T.

What's your decor style? This is a great assessment if you don't already know.


  1. I like neutral colors with lots of accents tying it together. I love the style you picked. I could see myself doing something like that if I had my own house.


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