Friday, January 22, 2016

Ways to Survive a Snow Weekend

Many of my fellow Southeasterners and those in the Mid-Atlantic and up the East coast are at the first stages of a weekend-long snow and ice storm called Jonas.

In order to survive this snow weekend, I've proposed a few things to help pass the time. :)

If you're not a reader, now's a great time to start. There's not much more cozy than a good book, blanket and a snowy day outside. :) If you don't  have any actual books, try downloading the Kindle app and you can try some great free ones on there to start you off!

Something about a snow day really makes me want to clean my house. This could just be me being weird.

Along the lines of cleaning, use your forced inside time to be productive and purge your closet, pantry, laundry room, etc.

Have you heard of the List App? It's literally an app for making lists. (which are totally my jam) Try the app out! It's still in its Beta stage, but it's amazing! It's a great way to waste time and meet others who are as obsessed with lists as you are! (If you do download, find me @aprilportrais!)

Provided you have power, it's a great time to experiment with new recipes or do some old favorites. For me, I'll be making my now famous Mexican Chicken Chili. YUM!!

Something about hours of forced inside time that brings out the crafty minx in me. I can't be the only one!

This is one of those things that seems to take a long time and I never set aside time to do it. Why not upload photos from last year or a recent vacation to Shutterfly and make a photo book? I can personally attest to the quality of these books, having done quite a few myself!

I use the day to try some of the wine people keep giving me that I know nothing about.

Do your nails, give yourself a facial, do your toes. Any of the grooming that normally is a pain because it takes a lot of time.

And that's all I have. If you're in the path of Jonas, be safe, my friends!

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  1. We hardly left the house yesterday. It was spent watching movies / TV and then me being exhausted by 9:30 by doing absolutely nothing.


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