Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Things I Do That are Low-Key Stalkerish

It's a running joke with my friends and coworkers that I am the resident stalker. At first I resented that because I'm not a stalker. But thanks to my coworkers, I now realize that some of the things I do frequently could be considered "stalkerish". Stalkerish = possessing stalker-like tendencies but is really just done for information gathering or to satisfy general curiosity. Therefore, I give you:

1. Look up coworkers houses on the local real-estate lookup site. I believe this is actually a property tax records site that I look them up on. For no reason other than seeing the place they call home. 

2. Facebook lurking. I'm a low-key FB lurker quite simply because people over share on the network. You can learn a lot of about them by simply being quiet and observing.

3. Googling people. If I know you or have met in in real life, chances are I've Googled you. Heck, I even Google myself! You can find out a lot about people based on their online footprint.

4. White Pages lookup. This one isn't that well known but you can look up people in the white pages and find out some info about them like mailing address, approximate age, etc. The info isn't always correct, but that's how I found most of the addresses for my wedding invitations. :) 

5. Google earth people's houses. I like seeing the street view. :)

6. Browse interior photos of homes for sale on Trulia. Not because I'm looking...I just like seeing people's (sometimes horrendous) interior decorating styles. And yes, I look at really expensive houses to see how the other half lives. :) It's also a great way to get REAL ideas on REAL people's houses instead of looking through the overly-glamoured Pinterest eyes. 

7. Look in my neighbors windows. Okay, this sounds really creepy. But let me explain. When I'm running or walking the dog in the neighborhood at dusk or night when people have their lights on, I like looking in and seeing how they'd decorated their house. I live in a townhome complex and I especially like seeing how those who live in the same floorplan as we do decorate their gigantic accent wall in the living room.

8. Stalk people on social media. There's no better insight into people's live than what they post on social...and you have the anonymity of The Internets. :)

So while I'm not really a stalker, I do some stalkerish things. Does your curiosity get the better of you with any of these? Have you tried them? Am I just a creep?


  1. hilarious! all of it! So, I'm pretty sure you are too young to remember Buck Rogers or Silver Spoons. There was a lady who starred in those two tv shows that has my same name. She has a little bit of a cult following, so one time I googled myself to see how many pages it took to get past her stuff to get to something that belonged to me. Ha!

  2. All the houses in my neighborhood have one of two layouts and I love looking in the windows when I'm walking the dogs. LOL

  3. I do the looking in windows thing, too. I like to see if people are watching TV or whatever. Hopefully they are not staring out at me. That would be creepy.


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