Friday, June 3, 2016

You Really Get Me If You...

It's important to learn things about your friends, family members or close acquaintances and know their preferences. As readers of TSF, you really "get me" if you...
  • Let me loosely commit to your plans and then maybe not do them. You know I'm a habitual hermit and don't like to be away from my shell for a long time.
  • Tag me in cute animal videos but only really ones of goats, seals, donkeys and dogs. 
  • Recognize my nervousness around children and offer to help or step in if I'm alone with one. 
  • Tell me when or if one of my extensions are visible. #weavecheck
  • Let me take over planning your event. It's a secret joy of mine.
  • Don't ask to borrow my shoes. There are just some lines that don't get crossed. 
  • Offer me Oreo anything. 
  • Understand that I'm not lying when I tell you I'm an introvert and know that you can be an introvert and force yourself to be an extrovert in certain situations.
  • Give me side hugs. 
  • Ask me trivia questions or compliment me on my random knowledge of things. 
  • Tell me my house is decorated nicely. I'm constantly trying to make it an un-achievable mix of homey, put together, fancy, inviting, cool, open, airy and contemporary. Oh and personalized. It takes a lot of my time and effort.
What about you? What do people that really get you do? 

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  1. haaaaa! I did a post like this and it made me go back and read it...yep, all still true almost two years later.

    It's nice when someone compliments your decor, isn't it? Decor is so personal, so it's lovely when someone else appreciates it.


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