Monday, June 27, 2016

Random Recent Photo Dump

I realized over the weekend that I had a bunch of photos I've taken recently of various things but no real place to put them since they aren't super cohesive. So today's blog post is fairly photo heavy. Bear with me. :)

First off - I sang in a wedding 3 weeks ago and took a number of photos but didn't really post them here. My friend's wedding was gorgeous! It was as this old cotton mill and the rehearsal dinner was at a real farm. I thought the setting was so gorgeous I documented it photographically as well.

The wedding was absolutely stunning and I didn't take a whole lot of photos during it because I was busy catching up with friends. But the rehearsal dinner was one for the books, y'all!

My flower garden is in full bloom! The sunflowers and cosmos are gorgeous and my home is full of fresh blooms. It's so beautiful to look at and the sunflowers grew super fast!

And, well, the photo dump post wouldn't be complete without one of the fur child. I couldn't resist buying this adorable 4th of July collar and tie. It's a little big for him but  still adorable. 

Happy Monday, y'all! 


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