Monday, June 6, 2016

Hewitt's Thoughts On His Daybed

Hello, Hewitt here.

I'm taking over mom's blog today and dictating my thoughts to my biped for her readers to enjoy. Today, I want to tell you about the saga of my new day bed.

About 3 weeks ago, my bipeds decided to get me a new daybed. Mom said it was because she was tired of me dragging my blanket all over the house. [Dictator's Note: Hewitt had a memory foam mat and we put a blanket on it that he would nest in. The blanket kept getting moved around and was taking over the floor. We decided on an actual dog bed with sides.] I don't understand what the big deal was but dad might have tripped on it or something. So they went to the place that sells dog beds and brought home this fluffy, giant monstrosity called the "cuddler" bed.

I am 13 years old, for dog's sake. I do not "cuddle". [Dictator's Note: He absolutely does, just not with humans. He cuddles with his blankets or toys.]

The instant she moved my beloved mat and dirty blanket I was angry. How dare she replace them with this poor excuse for a bed?! It was large, fluffy and smelled of unusual smells.

I refused to lay on this contraption. REFUSED. I will never lay on it. Not now, not ever. NEVER! Mom tried to bribe me by putting snacks and even my favorite babies in there but I did not relent my protesting!

 Finally, mother put one of her pillow cases on the bed. This made it smell better but then the bipeds tried to physically pick me up and put me in the bed. I wasn't having it one bit. But I did discover something. It was actually very soft. So, one day, I decided I would just rest my head upon the bed. Nothing else, just my head. After all, this wasn't giving was just resting my head.

Then one day, it was raining out and I wanted to cuddle...I mean, curl up on something soft so I got in the bed. I made sure no one was looking and that mom was pre-occupied with her book. 

Dang if this thing isn't comfortable! And it smells like mom. And it's soft. And I love it so much. And apparently, mom snuck a photo of me while I was napping. Then I started to get more bold with my daybed usage...and then both bipeds starting photographing me in my daybed.

Now, I love it so. It is my favorite bed. You will never catch me cuddling it...I just curl up next to the side. See? Old dogs can appreciate new things! 

That's the story of me and my new daybed. Peace out, jerks! 


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