Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Goals

I can't believe the beginning of summer is right around the corner! This is an unusual summer for us because we aren't taking a typical beach vacation. With that, our goals might be a little different, but here they are.

one. Save extra money for our Banff vacation in August.

two. Go to 9Round at least 3x per week. I took like 2 sets of 6-7 days off while I was traveling in May and it is KICKING MY BUTT right now. I don't want to miss so many days again.

three. Cook brussel sprouts. I always thought I was anti-brussel sprouts but I had some sweet chili lime roasted ones at a restaurant and they were DELICIOUS. I'll be on the hunt for a similar recipe and trying them this summer.

four. Get away to the beach even if just for a short weekend trip. I'm hoping that we can find a good hotel deal and do a 2 day, one night thing just to get to the beach.

five. Get my passport renewed.

six. Kayak the Catawba river.

seven. Try a new dessert recipe that's non-chocolate. Basically my life revolves around chocolate so I'd like to find and try a new dessert recipe that is not chocolate. Maybe strawberry something?

eight. Learn all the words to "Guns and Ships" from the Hamilton soundtrack. I love the LaFayette rap so I think I should learn it to impress my friends.

nine. Host a get together at least once this summer.

Life According to Steph


  1. I love the goal about Hamilton. Have you seen the Carpool Karaoke with the Broadway stars? I had never watched one until I saw that - it was incredible. Also, I have had Banff on my list forever :) Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  2. Good stuff!

    I skipped zumba the last three classes. Next week is going to suck.

  3. BANFF!! The perfect summer place (okay it's just me dying in the heat already). Love the beach idea, too!! I'm pretty sure any berry dessert is the perfect summer dessert... so get after it. :)

  4. Good luck! #8 made me laugh, I really hope you do that one!! Do you like peaches? I have a super easy peach cobbler recipe that is always a hit if you want to try!

  5. Fantastic list! I've got a really yummy dessert with banana pudding, cool whip and other delicious things. It can actually be adapted to chocolate as well!

  6. How you doing on these goals?? Have you gone kayaking yet?

  7. How you doing on these goals?? Have you gone kayaking yet?


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