Monday, November 7, 2016

Bedroom Swoon + Updates

I love our bedroom. But I've really be yearning to brighten it up a bit. It's a little dark and I want it to be lighter. Our bedroom furniture (which I love) is dark and huge. It's just not a great fit for the size of our room and when we go to sell the place, it makes the bedroom look pretty small. For reference, here's what I'm working with currently...well...sort of currently. We have a different gray duvet but basically the same color palette and look.

And here are some ideas I've seen lately on Houzz. Based on the similarities in the pictures, I guess I should be looking for an upholstered headboard...or no headboard at all and a rustic wood wall. :) We will probably sell our bedroom set and look for something lighter and smaller...or go with no bedroom set at all and just do a headboard and a dresser and something different for the end tables. We aren't in a rush to do anything yet, but it's good to get some ideas, right?

Marsh-side Retreat
Princess Margaret Residence
Brooklyn Brownstone

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  1. I love lighter colors in the bedroom! At our house in Texas, we had dark furniture (which is absolutely gorgeous) but because we had so much light in that room, it always seemed bigger than it was. Love the ideas that you've been considering!


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