Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Recap!

This Thanksgiving we did the typical family thing and spent the first half of the day with M's family and the second half of the day with my family. They are only about a 45 minute drive from each other so it was do-able and NOT stressful to do all in one day.

I didn't get a lot of pictures (though I was blowing up snapchat!!) but rest assured, I did document my food like any basic good blogger. Interestingly enough the food at both places was surprisingly similar. Well, not that surprising, really. I have a feeling MOST Thanksgiving meals consist of corn (in any form), turkey, potatoes (in any form), green beans (in any form) and a bread of some sort. #amiright? Our holiday meals were no different.

This was lunch. The big difference in the two meals was the gravy. Brown gravy was the deal at my in-laws. M's parents are originally from New England so brown gravy reigns supreme!

At my family's gathering, white gravy is king. I think white or sausage gravy is more of a Southern tradition. I do not eat gravy so I did not partake. But M seemed to love his first experience with white gravy and even took some leftover gravy home. Though our families come from two geographically different areas, our thanksgiving plates were quite similar. Swap out traditional baked turkey for fried and add macaroni & cheese (which IS a vegetable, duh) and it's basically the same meal. There's a lesson in that matter how different our backgrounds, we can all gather around some tasty carbs and turkey...or something like that.

M and I along with my sister and her BF decided that the fall foliage was too pretty to pass up so we decided to take a few normal photos. Because, we are totally and completely all very normal people.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are putting the final Christmassy touches on the house this weekend so I'll have photos for a post on Monday. Come back and check it out!


  1. Both plates look good! I think mac & cheese on Thanksgiving is definitely a Southern thing.

  2. Gimme white gravy over brown gravy, all day, every day.
    I looked for you on snapchat. Apparently, you aren't "stripedflamingo".
    Those rolls in the first photo. YUM. You know what is one of the most difficult things to explain to a non-American? Why some things (like a roll) tastes so different.


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