Monday, November 28, 2016

In the Air There's a Feeling of Christmas

Over the last two weekends, M and I took to getting our place ready for Christmas. I don't have a TON of Christmas stuff, but we are collecting more and more over the years. This year's additions included a custom art piece, a few more mini Christmas trees for my mantel and more ornaments for the tree. (Because you really can't have too many ornaments!)

The tree was the same tree as last year and I opted for the same color scheme of turquoise, silver and gold. I added some larger turquoise ornaments this year and some silver and gold filler ornaments to make it look more finished.

The Christmas tree pillow was a recent purchase from Kirklands. As were a few other new things. I really love that store and they have great prices!

The star in the middle and the "striped" tree to the right of it were new purchases this year from Kirklands. 

This is the mantel "lit". The star, two larger background trees and three white trees in the front all light up. It's so pretty at night! I'll add some fresh greenery as we get a little closer to Christmas. Last year I did it too early and it dried out from the fireplace below. (Lesson learned!) 

Last year I didn't really know how to display my snowman collection. This year I chose to display on the rustic kitchen shelf that M made and just added a bunch of stuff until I thought it looked good. HA! I think the look of the shelf plus the candles and greenery give it a rustic, farmhouse-y vibe. Maybe? 

The outside of the house is decorated! It looks like we only did half of the large bush on the left but the bush is actually trimmed like that. Like a mushroom shape so we covered the green part. It just looks weird in the pic. I left the outdoor decor scheme to my Director of Outdoor Illumination (that's what M appointed himself as) but I think it turned out really pretty! 

I love nothing more than to turn on the Christmas tree as I get ready in the morning and just look at it. It's so gorgeous! I wish I could keep it up year round.


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