Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2nd blogiversary: most-read posts

I can't believe it! My two year blogiversary is coming up on September 7th! Two whole years of blogging is a huge accomplishment for me...who has had countless "blogs" that I never could seem to keep up after a while.

Oh, and to celebrate, I may or may not be having a special little giveaway on Friday, so you should definitely come back, k?

Anywho, I thought I'd go back and list some of my most-read posts (by pageviews) below in case you wanted to browse back over some of my "greatest hits", so to speak. ;)

Top Ten Most Read Posts (in random order):

Outfit of the Day: Yellowy
OOTD: Now in Technicolor
Everybody Everywear: Nautical
OOTD: Make a Statement
OOTD: Skirting the Issue
What I Wore Tuesday?
OOTD: Copycats
Unusual Inspiration
Best and Worst Dressed: Olympics Edition
OOTD: Gold and Sparkly

The overwhelming theme of most of these is that they are outfit posts. There is one "straggler" but all of the others are outfit posts.

Interesting. ;)

Well, I hope y'all have a fantabulous Tuesday. In the immortal words of the great Tigger, "TTFN!"


  1. happy blogiversary. :) i think it's fun that we have both been blogging together for 2 years! how awesome! congrats lady!


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