Friday, September 21, 2012

instafessional friday

Happy Friday bloggy friends.

I'm so glad that Leslie brought back Confessional Friday. So glad, in fact, that I decided to do my famous hodge-podge of a blog post called Instafessional Friday where I list my confessions AND share my Instagram photos from the week.

Thus I dub thee Instafessional Friday.

// I confess that I wore my J Crewish bubble necklaces this past week and it made me want more. I just love how they make me feel when I wear them. I think I need a white one and a royal blue or yellow one. Thoughts?

// I confess I went to a Pampered Chef party this week and spent WAY too much on kitchen things. Oh yeah, and most of my kitchen stuff is in storage anyway so why in the heck did I buy more?!?! Shake my head. But one good thing about Pampered Chef parties are the recipes they cook. At this particular party, we made Caramel Apple Skillet Cake. It was delish.

// I confess that my need for a new phone cover resulted in me buying this one. I may or may not have named him Cliff and he may or may not be appearing in various #cliffstagrams on Instagram in the near future.

// I confess that the most AMAZING thing happened to me this week. I accidentally received a shipment of customized Arizona Diamondback M&Ms. When I called customer service to tell them about the mistake they said that I couldn't return the shipment because it was perishable. The moral of the story is that I got 8 pounds of M&Ms ABSOLUTELY FREE. I really am the luckiest person ever.

Linking up with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition and Jeannett @ Life Rearranged.

Have a happy weekend y'all!



  1. Rue 21 has the bubble necklaces in mint, fuschia, and gold for $9.99.

    Pampered Chef parties are dangerous!

    Cliff is super cute.

    8 lbs of free M&Ms? Awesome!

  2. Very jealous of the M&M mistake, yum! And I'm still trying to hold strong on the bubble necklace craze, but I'm caving quickly -- love your styling!

  3. ahahahah! I just read the M&Ms thing. That is too funny!!

  4. I love everything about this post! First, I love my yellow "J Crew" bubble necklace and definitely want more!! Second, that apple skillet cake looks and sounds delicious. Third, the iphone cover is so cute and I think will be great for IG! Finally, SO jealous of all those M&M's!!! Have a great weekend April!


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