Thursday, September 6, 2012

politics, colored paperclips and why i dislike thursdays

Today's post will be a bit random. It's mostly bits of what I've processed throughout the week so far. Let's all take a deep breath together, okay?

haha i can never fall asleep....
I'm torn between being interested in politics and being completely annoyed with everything politics. Is that weird? I mean, politics THEMSELVES are kind of interesting to me. I have some political beliefs but, to be honest, this whole presidential election debacle (and I do intentionally call the whole mess a debacle) is so taxing (heh, pun intended) and so confusing. I seriously just want everyone to shut up about it. Plus the DNC (in my hometown) is making going anywhere a HUGE headache.

It seems like many people are so fired up for one or the other, Am I the only one that thinks this? I mean, does anyone really ever get anywhere in politics these days? It's so partisan and money-centered that no one seems to care about what's best for the people.

I say we write in Santa Claus. Who's with me?! [wink]

Changing gears..I can't wait for fall. For rizzle. It's my most fave season. Also, I need to get some boots soon. I have a hard time finding boots that fit. (big calves, small ankles) So if they fit my calves, they bunch at the ankle. Le boo. I also can't wait to pull my scarves out of storage and hang them in rainbow order.

Thirdly, I'm a bit obsessed with colorful things. My favorite office supplies at my new job? The rainbow colored paper clips. Seriously...

D: There is this lady I work with that is so presh. She's got this cute pixie cut and wears the most awesome funky statement jewelry. She doesn't work at my location which is a bummer because she would be one of those people that I would love to see everyday for her outfits. There is really not a way to resolve that without sounding like a stalker. So I'll just leave it. Le sigh.

Lastly, Thursdays are probably my least favorite day of the week. I don't know why. They just are. Perhaps because it's so close to Friday but...not.  The only thing that could make Thursdays better are cupcakes...or retweets from The Drew.

The end.

See, I told you I'm random and weird. This post is a perfect example of my stream of consciousness though process. Stay tuned tomorrow for Confessional Friday and a GIVEAWAY announcement that you won't want to miss!!

One more thing...have you heard of Pinstrosity? It's where people post of their Pinterest experiments gone bad. One of my personal favorites...(click here)


  1. I am the saaaame way about politics. I definitely have some interest (because I do vote), but I get annoyed with everybody's commentary on twitter/fb, etc.

  2. Your blog is sooo cute!!! I love it!

  3. LOLL that Pinstrosity blog is absolutely hilarious - thanks for sharing ;)


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