Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fall layering

I'm all about layers.

Good things come in layers...parfait, trifle, cake, ogres...

Fall is all about layering clothes. Summer staples like tanks easily make their way into fall with the addition of long sleeve cardis and boots. Summery skirts and dresses become cold weatherized with tights. Layering allows you to get more wear out of your clothes, which is awesome.

fall casual looks

Here is how I'd take some seasonal pieces and make them appropriate for fall.

In the first outfit, I took a summery jeans and white tank and made it more seasonally appropriate by adding a mustard yellow scarf, dark teal cardigan and brown boots.

The second outfit is made more fall friendly with boots and bright accents. Tights could also help this look transition into autumn.

The third outfit incorporates the classic red and camel combo that was popular this summer and becomes a fall outfit with the addition of an animal print scarf, jeans and studded flats.

The key to layering is to not be afraid to experiment. Try different colors together and mess around with fabrics. Try corduroy with linen and polyester with denim. A purple top can look great with charcoal gray cardigan and mustard yellow scarf or a navy blazer over a coral dress with brown boots.

How do you layer for fall?

Oh and one more thing...y'all know how much I love Disney...have you seen this? Hipster Disney Princesses.

hipster disney princesses.



  1. i really like the colors you put together for the outfits! the third one is my favorite. i always keep a ton of my summer tanks and shirts in my closet during the fall so that i can layer them with cardigans or jackets. and i hadn't seen that disney princess thing... hilarious!

  2. The color combo you used really pop! Thanks for the ideas. :)


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