Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OOTD: outtakes and location searching

Ah, the fun of taking my own outfit photos. Since I moved to Charlotte I've been on the lookout for a place to take my outfit shots. I normally take them inside but I haven't really discovered a suitable place yet. And, there are only so many outside shots I can do from behind the confines of my parents' (fenced) backyard.

You see, I'm not confident enough to do my outfit shots "out in public". I care too much about what people think. HAHA.

So, you may see me experimenting with locations over the next few weeks. Bear with me. I'm working on it.

Until then, here are two outfits that I wore this past week.

Top: New York & Company // Jeans // Cardigan // Flats // Necklace: Handmade

Tank: Old Navy (similar) // Cardigan: Target // Jeans  // Necklace: Ebay (similar)

Whilst in my "picture taking  location search" mode...I had a few brief encounters with nature. I've decided to share these outtake photos with y'all.

1. I was testing the frame and heard something "rustle" right next to me. It was probably a bird, but nonetheless, it startled me. 
2. While walking to pose (after setting the self-timer) I walked right into a spiderweb. Yup. Now, I'm not really afraid of spiders, but I don't enjoy their houses sticking on my face and hair. That's just gross.

Heh. Thought y'all might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes look. Linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday.


  1. i love both looks! I haven't been super comfy with many public shots myself but I love a good outdoor pic :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  2. I have a very similar necklace! Love it!

    PS I’m hosting a giveaway! Feel free to check it out :)

  3. The outtakes and behind the scenes photos are always the best! Loving your orange necklace paired with the gray cardi.


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