Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To: Accessorize Uncommon Necklines

M's sister inspired today's blog post when she asked me for advice on what type of necklace she should wear with a one-shoulder (asymmetrical) dress. It got me thinking that there are probably a lot of people who wonder the same thing...maybe not about one-shoulder neckline but perhaps about more of the unusual or uncommon necklines.

Today's post shows you what types of necklaces work to wear with certain necklines. It should probably be noted that a dainty initial necklace or monogram necklace pretty much goes with when in doubt... :)

How to wear a necklace with a high neck dress

How to wear a necklace with a high neck dress by aprilanne147 featuring pendant jewelry

The High-Neck Dress: This vintagey classic neckline is reminscent of Jackie O and a lot of 50s and 60s fashion. This style of neckline is making a huge comeback not only in dresses, but in peplum tops and other fitted tops you might see in stores. This neckline requires you go big or go small...and not really anything in between. You should definitely do this neckline with a statement necklace OR a long, pendant style necklace. It's important that the necklace hangs down at least a good 3-4 inches from the top part of the collar. Choker style necklaces don't work ever with this style.

How to wear a necklace with an asymmetrical neckline

How to wear a necklace with an asymmetrical neckline by aprilanne147 featuring a chain link necklace

One-Shoulder Dress: An asymmetrical, or one-shoulder neckline is also very big this year. I've seen this look done with a long chain necklace, but I'm not usually a fan of it unless the dress is very form-fitting and simple. Usually, this is a dress that's perfect for a statement necklace. Ideally, you want something that hangs just below your collarbones and doesn't touch or overlap the top part of the dress. Go for something with girth or weight in it to help balance out the dress. I do love a nice heavy chain with this look since it takes something that's rather girly and vamps it up a bit. 

What are your thoughts on uncommon necklines? Are there any you've had questions about? I thought about doing a layout using a cowl neck but are those more of a fall/winter thing? 



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