Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Never Have I Ever

Today, I'm resorting to my youth with a rousing rendition of "Never Have I Ever". 

Never have I ever...

...grown a mustache. (though I know the photo above really fooled you, right?)
...been on a cruise.
...eaten sushi.
...drunk an interestingly named cocktail like Irish Car Bomb or Mai Tai.
...traveled to an exotic place like New York City or California. :)
...eaten the following pie flavors: cherry, blackberry, apple, blueberry or pecan.
...been in a Harlem Shake video
...enjoyed drinking sweet tea.
...ridden a unicorn. (I'll bet you can put that one too!)
...drunk espresso...but I did work at coffeeshops for years.
...owned any sort of video game system.
...had a pet cat. 
...met anyone from a Scandinavian country.
...broken or fractured a bone.
...been on a motorcycle.
...been skydiving.
...ridden in a taxi.
...been engaged or married. any of the Harry Potter books.
...managed to pick the shortest check out line. EVER.
...traveled by myself on a plane. 
...thought that I could actually come up with this many things.

Do you have any "Never Have I Evers" that you could add? Leave me some in the comments... :)

Also, Happy May Day...aka...the only holiday that the United States doesn't participate in for whatever reason. 

Also x2, a birthday shoutout to my friend Jill and my future bro-in-law Spencer! HBD y'all!


  1. HA! I am always in the LONGEST line. It never fails. My line is always the wrong line.

    I've never read Potter or seen the movies and I don't plan to.

    I wish I had a unicorn.

  2. The shortest checkout line one cracked me up haha! I feel like I NEVER pick the shortest one either!

  3. Apple pie.....Wow that one really shocked me!

  4. I love that California and NYC are exotic :) also cant believe you've NEVER had apple is seriously one of the best things about fall.


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