Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday comrades!

I'm sharing some of my latest loves this week. Enjoy!!

This week, two of my favorite bloggers posted outfits that mixed other patterns with stripes (my fave!!). Krystin mixed her stripes with florals and Tara mixed her stripes with polka dots.

There are some adorably cute illlustrations in this etsy shop, including the 52 Weeks of Dogs series.

Oh man, these pretty porch pictures are really inspiring me to do a porch makeover!

Oh, Mr. Koala! You're so silly!

I need this top in my closet for the summer. Of course, I'll also need a spray tan as this is my natural skin color. I believe the website calls this color "eggshell". BAHAHAHAHA.


Gah, I'm a sucker for pepper faces. Always.


This is a stinking awesome idea!

Meg posts awesome workout ideas on her Workout Wednesday posts. I'm digging the arm workout, for sure! | Make your own blushing bronzer using this tutorial. | Best jeans EVER for the curvy laydays. | I'll be trying this recipe very soon.

And, your weekly GIFts:

via kpan

My lord, I love pugs

Your weekly June.

Cute red panda doing pushups animated gif

Red panda. Enough said. :) 

Cute Cat Nom Nom Nom with Chopsticks animated gif

I don't really even like cats so much but oh, my, word!

I've had this face a lot at work lately. 

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!


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  1. I want the unicorn costume. For real.

    I think I'm going to incorporate that arm workout next week.


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