Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Preppy Wedding

We have entered into wedding season across America and in my house. My sister's wedding is only 4 months away and planning has definitely begun. Pinterest has become a great friend of mine while I search for ideas for her wedding and pre-wedding activities/parties/events.

Often times, I'll stumble across some wedding ideas that may not work so much for my sister but are certainly ideas I like. So, I'll pin them to my own wedding board.

Last night I was struck by how many different kinds of wedding themes there really are. You've got boho weddings, rustic weddings, farm weddings, hippie/indie weddings, metropolitan weddings, country weddings, destination weddings, ethnic/cultural weddings, church weddings, garden weddings...and...preppy weddings.

A "preppy wedding" to me consists of navy blue and some other accent color. In this particular mood board, I chose fuschia, but I've seen them with green, yellow, gray and even purple. Stripes and clean lines keep a preppy wedding from becoming too hippie or country. Modern finishes and dress cuts also update this classic style. You probably won't see a mason jar at this wedding, but you might see a mint julep cup and peonies or english roses will probably be pretty prevalent. Some things you probably won't see at a preppy wedding are hay bales, LED lights, antiques or vintage decor or much deviation from the basic color scheme.  You'd probably see a lot of these weddings across the South/Southeast and other coastal areas in the Northeast. 

Personally, I like this theme. I'm not sure I love all of the traditional elements of a preppy wedding, but many of them are right up my alley. 

Unfortunately, my sister is completely the opposite of me with her outdoor, semi-rustic, country, earthy wedding vibe. Maybe I'll write about that next Wednesday!



  1. So sad pinterest was not around when I got married. It rules.

    Dark blue was the color my girls wore.

  2. Superb wedding inspirations. The theme looks brilliant and both of these are my favorite colors so I would like to pick this theme for my wedding day because my fiancé also loves blue and white. Does anyone here have recommendations for affordable San Francisco venues?


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