Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy's Best and Worst Dressed (Red Carpet Recap)

It's awards season...well at least on the blog anyway. I feel it my personal duty to keep my readers informed as to the fashion goings-on of the celebrity world...and awards shows are the best way to do so. :)

Best Dressed

Yes January Jones! Work it girl! I'm consistently impressed with her fashion sense. And she's so beautiful!

My obsession with Uzo's OITNB character might have swayed me a bit but I think she looks beautiful and this dress fits her PERFECTLY.

LOVE the dramatic nature of this dress. Y'all remember her on Mean Girls? She's come a long way... :)

Michelle Dockery is usually always on my best dressed lists. She is flawless and amazing.

Finally! I love Melissa McCarthy but I have wanted to strangle her stylist for the last few awards show appearances. This dress is fitted in all the right places and makes her look like a million bucks!

Debra is always flawless. This ensemble (plus her awesome hair and makeup) is no exception.

I'm obsessed with this color and I think the fit of the dress is perfect! Great job Viola!

Worst Dressed 

I'm kind of over Lena. The dramatic, attention-getting outfits are a snooze at this point because it's all we see from her.

This kind of looks like 2 dresses in one...but it doesn't work for me.

I think this gold color washes Taryn Manning out. She's a pretty girl, but the color of the dress should be lighter, her hair should definitely be lighter (instead of that goldish hue) and no black shoes. No ma'am. Oh and I want to see her in lipstick!

I get it. Mayim is a genius and kinda nerdy...but that doesn't give her an excuse to wear a Regency-period costume to an awards show in 2014.

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What did you think of the fashion at this year's Emmys?


  1. I just pulled images for my best/worst for my Thursday post. Lena and Blossom are both on my worst lists. WHY, ladies? January is on my best.

  2. Love all your best dressed picks- I always love Debra (Have you seen the Wedding Date- one of my all time fav chick flicks). I never got into the shows Girls, maybe because I'm old and SATC is what I watched when I was younger. Lena reminds me of every hipster I see near campus in downtown Austin. Over it. And her awful style.

  3. I think the long full skirt is what kills Mayim's look. Her hair and makeup are lovely, the accessories are stunning, and the neckline, color, and lace of the dress are beautiful. Chop the skirt off short, and / or cut down on the fullness, and she'd be on the best dressed list.

    1. I completely agree! If it were a form-fitting dress we'd probably all be singing a different tune. :)


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