Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Great Art Debate Part 2

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my search for wall art for our house. Since that post I've added two more art pieces to my home but it only intensified an itch that was just slightly there before. :) I'm obsessed now with beautiful and meaningful art things to put in my house. Below are (bad iPhone) photos of the two paintings I purchased on my Charleston trip this past weekend at the farmer's market. (because I am obsessed with local art)

After perusing Etsy/Pinterest I got a hankering for a subway style/personalized date art piece for somewhere in my house. I wanted to try my own hand at making one that used M and my dates. I kind of like the graphic and bold look of them. I think it could work either in our living room or our bedroom. A friend suggested doing the one with just numbers in our bedroom since they are obviously only really intuitive to us...but...I'm up for suggestions either way. :)

I'd also posted before about street name art that I think is really awesome. I did something for both Charlotte and Wilmington (cities I've lived in as an adult...HA!) and I think they are pretty cool. They have more of a graphic feel than the Charleston paintings I have in the house.


Right now, I just only have the digital versions of the street name and personalized dates art but I really want to get those printed and framed. I wonder if I should use one set or the other (either street names or personalized dates) because they might be too much. Thoughts?

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  1. I love love love the art you purchased this weekend, especially the first one. Amazing!

    If they're not in the same room I say go with a mix of whatever you want.


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