MTV VMA Red Carpet Recap

The MTV VMAs were last night and while I don't normally love this awards show (because the label of MTV quite frankly gives people an excuse to act and dress a fool) I was pleasantly surprised at the fashion choices by most. A couple of stars had me underwhelmed and others just had me wondering what decade...cough Katy Perry cough. But I get it...the VMAs are supposed to be edgier than other award shows. So with that in mind...

Best Dressed

Both of the Jenner girls are coming into their own fashion/style personality but for me, Kendall takes the cake. This pantsuit is amazing.
Kylie Jenner was also stunning with her dark dress and thigh-high slit!

Dang. No words. JLo just gets better and better with age.

I actually liked this look from Jessie J. The green/citron color is fresh and it looks great with her skin and hair.

Worst Dressed

Katy Perry, MTV VMA's 2014
I can't believe I wasn't the only one who thought this was a worse cheap bad knockoff of the original power couple denim suit, right? Katy is so pretty...she should do better.
I have no words for Miss TSwifty. I love her new song but this just looks like a bad Olympic gymnast costume.
Seems that the VMAs had a lot of impersonations this year. Amber Rose's look was very similar to the Rose McGowan look in 1998. This makes me slightly sad because these are not clothes...this is just an attempt at a lot of publicity. And young girls are probably eating this up. Do better, Amber Rose.
I love me some Ariana...however, this was just...underwhelming and dated. I would expect a pop princess of the 90s or early 2000s to wear this. I wanted to see her in something dramatic and glamorous...not club wear circa 2002.
What were your thoughts on the VMA red carpet looks?
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