Monday, August 4, 2014

Over the Weekend

Hello briends! (blog + friends = briends)

It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap post and, quite frankly, it's because my weekends usually consist of cleaning, cooking, reading and other mundane things. But I actually have a few photos documenting various events over the weekend so I figured I'd give it a go.

On Friday M was off work so he finally purchased his long-awaited Xbox 1 (is it One? Or 1? Anywho...) He's been working a lot of overtime at work and saving up to buy it so he was super-excited to get it all set up.

He decided to set it up on our guest room television which is a tiny 22 inch one because he didn't want to "hog" the big tv in our living room area. We have one in our bedroom too but...i digress. He also mumbled something about 1080p or whatever that means. Anywho, he loves it. He showed me a few things about it and it is pretty cool. It can do a lot of the things our Rokus do so we don't have to invest in another one for that tv. But, you talk to it and it has voice and facial recognition so that kind of creeps me out. Like, I'll hear him walk in the guest room and say, "Xbox on" or "Xbox, watch tv" and it's weird. The weirdest one of all though is "Xbox stop listening." :(

Photo: Got my Xbox 1 set up on my 1080p 22" LED...yeah, 22 inch. When we get a house it will be a bigger tv. Don't want to hog the living room tv.
Saturday morning was all about Hewitt. First, he went back to his original groomer (which I affectionately call the OG) to finish up what the new groomer couldn't complete. Did I tell y'all this story? I forget... Anyway, Hewitt's OG is almost an hour away from where I currently live...but he's been going there every couple of months for the last 8 years or so. He's used to them. I tried taking him to a new groomer 5 min away from where I live now and he bit the groomer. So, they couldn't finish grooming him. They basically just cut his body and then that was it. So, his new groomer shaped up his face and his feet and did his nails. I learned this lesson the hard way. Sometimes it's better to just go with what you know.
That's his before and after. Quite frankly, I think he's cuter with a bit more hair but his hair grows so fast, it's just not feasible to leave it like that in the summer time.

After the groomer, Hewitt had a vet appointment to get his yearly shots. Poor little guy. He was completely tuckered out at this point.

M and I went ahead and used a gift card we had for Wal-Mart to purchase a tent for our upcoming camping trip in September. We don't have one, so we needed one and it seemed like a good time to purchase.

Because I'm 5 and couldn't wait to see what it looked like, we set it up in our dining room. :)

It's not a huge tent, but it's definitely a good starter tent for our camping trip. Of course, I wanted to put Hewitt in it (as if he'd not already had enough stress that day) to see how he'd adjust to it and he did fine. He even laid down in it.

Yesterday, we went to church, had lunch and then just piddled around most of the day. I did finish the Batman series with Christian Bale. I love Christian Bale so M suggested I watch the series with him (because I'd never seen them) and I did like them alot. Christian Bale's weird growly Batman voice was almost comical at some points but I liked the plot and all. Overall, I'm impressed with that series. I wish there was another one to watch. :)

Last night, M and I cooked dinner and my sister came over to watch the NFL Hall of Fame game. We didn't watch a whole lot of the game, but it was nice to have the sweet, sweet sounds of football in my house again.

That's it for me! What did you do this weekend?


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