Friday, August 22, 2014

Blog Search Keywords

Happy Friday, friends.

I figured it was about time for a check-in on my blog search keywords. What are blog search keywords?? Glad you asked. :) These are the words or phrases that people enter into a search engine and are linked to your blog from. So, if you typed in "blonde girls with cardigan obsessions" into Google and clicked on my link from that search, it would show up in my blog search keywords. Occasionally these make me laugh...other times they make me cringe...and sometimes...I just wonder how on EARTH someone got to my blog using that particular internet search.

Comments and links below:
1. Probably due to my LBD outfit posts.
2. I seriously have no idea. Black people relationship goals twitter?? What does that even mean? Any ideas??
3. From this post where I explained the difference between a cookout and bbq.
4. Duh. This is kind of a gimme. I'm obsessed with cardigans.
5 & 6. I appreciate that people think my fall fashion posts are for the average person and not the average runway fashionista model. This is my most recent one.
7. I'm surprised that this post continues to get hits from the ol' Internets.
8 & 10. I also am suprised at how much my Disney fashion posts continue to drive traffic to my blog.
9. No idea on this one either. I've never reviewed a side table on my blog before. Very strange.

Have you ever looked at your blog's search keywords? They are quite interesting!


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