Thursday, July 31, 2014

Interview With M

A while ago, I must have had the genius idea to interview M with some questions about girl stuff and about me. I'm pretty sure that at one point, this was a blog post link up but since the email I sent to him was forever caught in my drafts folder, I have no idea what link up it was for. Advanced apologies for missing whatever link up it was. :)

Anywho, I simply sent these questions to M and asked him to respond. Below is what ensued. My comments are in italics.

What's the name of my blog?
The Striped Flamingo
Bravo. I've trained him well.
What do I blog about?
Well, I guess I am pretty random...
Do you know where I'm from?
Columbia, SC
Another truthful answer.
Where is a girl going if she is going to the OBGYN?
I'm a guy, I don't need to know.
Good call. I mean, I'm sure he KNOWS what it is...but how awkward is this question? Maybe this is why I didn't ever send the email initially?
What is a current fashion trend?
Chevron pattern anything
Bless. Yes, it was a current fashion trend in 2012. Bless. But props to knowing what "chevron" even is!
What would a girl use a Biore strip for?
Orrrr blackheads. But I can't use that stuff. It causes a reaction with my sensitive skin. So he knew this without any first hand knowledge.
Am I a good enough cook?
I mean, is there any other possible answer? Not if he wants dinner tonight... :)
What kind of products does Chi make?
Make up?
Nope. Hair styling products. But props for knowing it was beauty related, right? I mean, he could have said they made karate belts or yoga pants.
What are bobby pins?
Holds your hair up or to the side
Can you name a brand of tampon?
Great Value
Bless. If this ain't telling...I don't know what is.
If you just can't get enough of M's humor, here are a few other posts that I did with M concerning me, women's fashion and other funny things. Here and here.


  1. hahaha! Good guess on the Chi and loved the brand name for the tampon answer.

  2. great value! I laughed out loud. Bravo!


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