Thursday, July 10, 2014

Decorating My Walls

I posted yesterday an update on our home. Since I've taken those photos, I've been on a mad hunt for all sorts of wall art/decor. Framed art, canvas art, mirrors, prints, sculpted pieces, you name it! I have a couple of art pieces/photographs and M has some as well. Some of mine are up...but I want MORE! Most of M's are Star Wars're saving those for the future man cave. (wink)

I'm kind of half-heartedly working on a gallery wall in our dining room area (you can kind of see it in the photos from yesterday's post) but I only have a couple of things so far. I'm searching for a mirror or two to put in our bedroom and on the other side of our dining room (per Kelly's excellent suggestion) and a couple of other interest pieces for our bedroom, the guest bedroom and the kitchen. My dilemma with just buying wall decor willy-nilly (because I've done this before) is that if it doesn't mean anything to me or have any sort of significance, I quickly grow tired with it and sell it or give it away. So, I want to invest in pieces that have meaning and/or significance to me or M. Here are a few things that I like.

Athens Ohio, Ohio University Street Names Print

I love this idea. And this actually wouldn't be too difficult to do on my own, print and frame. I'd do the names of streets in the cities I've lived in. (Mostly Charlotte and Wilmington.) via

"Shem Creek Shrimpers"

I would love to get another Paul Silva print. I already have this one and it's framed and in my half-bath downstairs. I like the one pictured above or this one.

BILD Poster IKEA Motif created by Linda Kruger.

Ikea has a lot of interesting colorful prints. My hang-up here is that Ikea art is mass-produced and lots of other people have it, but if the art is interesting or meaningful, why not? I like this bird print, this abstract and this photograph.

Kure Beach After Irene

Along the same vein of Paul Silva, this local Wilmington artist has some unique prints too. This one is of the Kure Beach pier. I used to work in Kure Beach when I lived in Wilmington.

Pinterest: I love this idea and this idea for wall art.

What sorts of art do you have in your home? Where did you get it? I'd love more inspiration or ideas!


  1. I have some Ikea prints that I've had for about nine years so no one has them anymore! LOL. Most of my wall stuff are photographs though, of us and our people. Some stuff I've picked up at Marshalls or in random shops all over the place. If I see something I like, I buy it - I know I'll work it in somewhere.

  2. I love the idea of the street names. I have a really hard time finding wall art. I have a new huge wall in my place and I have NO IDEA what to put on it. I have had a lot of luck with Etsy-- its all about trying different key words to find something you like. I bought a nautical flag print of the name of the river of grew up on and one of my favorite framed pieces. When I was on vacation recently I bought a print from a local artist in destin and framed it. I may keep up that trend to have something personal from my travels. I've found that slow and steady wins the race when picking out art/prints. I'm also trying to phase out all my white IKEA frames and start mixing and matching frames of different materials and wood tones when Michaels has a sale- I find it makes my place feel more homey. One thing I do like to do is buy a wide matt when framing prints so that the overall frame is big and then makes the print in the middle stand out more. Thanks for the shout out. Sounds like you are finding your style. Can't wait to see it all done.


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