Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's Talk About Shoes

From a very young age, I've been hard on shoes. I was never the kid who could keep shoes for years and years because by the end of the summer (usually) they had holes in them or the soles were coming off.

This is still the same as an adult. I am extraordinary hard on shoes. I'm not quite sure why...because I don't consider myself to be a heavy walker and I don't drag my feet or anything...but it seems like every other week I'm having to throw away a pair of shoes that have already been superglued at least once and are falling apart.

The other caveat to my shoe woes is that I have A LOT of shoes. Like...perhaps around 70 pairs. Lots of my shoes are not worn very frequently because they may be...oh...sequined gold 4 inch pumps...or peach jelly ballet flats with appliques on them. (i.e. they don't go with most outfits and/or occasions) Lately, I've been trying to buy more shoes that are either neutral in color or will go with lots of outfits, like black, nude, etc. However, because I wear these shoes the most, they often fall apart quicker and have to be replaced more often.

I know what y'all are going to say. April, spend a little more money on nicer shoes that you don't have to replace all the time. And my reply to that is my little bargain-loving heart might stop if I pay more than $40 for a pair of shoes. Literally, it might. I can't fathom it. But I'm also growing tired of my shoes and feel that there are a lot of my own that should be tossed. Maybe if I toss out the ones that are worn and give away the ones that I don't wear, I'll have a better idea of what I need to replace or purchase??

I used to be known as the girl who always had the cutest shoes. They may have been insanely uncomfortable, but they were dang cute! The older I get, I'm more likely to substitute comfort for style, but I still want to be the girl with cute shoes! However, the shoes I mainly wear now (for the most part) are frumpy shoes. It doesn't make my heart happy to wear ugly or boring shoes.

This post doesn't really have a resolution...I'm just sharing what's on my mind. What are your shoe woes? Do you have any tips for transitioning your shoe-drobe (wardrobe of shoes) from quantity focused to quality focused?


  1. I never wear heels anymore. I barely wear wedges! I make up for both in super cute flats in an array of colors - all under $30.

    I'm also really hard on shoes and honestly I sometimes don't want them to last forever. I like to infuse my collection with new stuff!

  2. Try Comfort Plus by Predictions and dexflex Comfort - both Payless exclusive brands. They have lots of cute, comfortable styles and nothing (except maybe boots) is over $40. Also, Marshall's has a great shoe selection - I have a pair of Baretrap suede boots that retail for $120 and are SUPER comfy AND cute - I paid $65 at Marshall's (I know that's over $40, but they're real leather knee high boots).

  3. i want a pair of shoes like these...i think nude color is so elegant


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