Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Family Photos

Well, I thought I was done with all of my wedding photo posts, but I realized that I never shared our family shots. Now, I will say that I wasn't as pleased with these photos as I was with the others. I'd hoped they would have turned out a little better...but what can you do? This is the only documentation I have of them actually being there. :)

Wedding Party, Parents and Grandparents of All
I'd wanted this to be similar to this pin on Pinterest. Not exactly...but it does make me smile. We have this one framed. :)
My Family

My brother in law, older sister, younger sister, me, my mom and my dad.

Sisters, parents and M.
Grandparents and us

Other grandparents and us

This is my mom's side of the family. My father's side is not as local and had to leave before pictures. Overall, from both my mom's and dad's side of the family, included extended family and 2nd/3rd cousins, there are about 60 additional people. There's no WAY we would have all fit in the photo! :)
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M's Family

M's immediate family: Sister and brother-in-law (baby nephew and flower girl niece), brother and sister-in-law (in the back) and parents.

M's maternal grandparents

Both sets of parents with M and I

M's side of the family, minus about 6 people. This is his maternal family since (like mine) his paternal side isn't very local and couldn't make it for the wedding. Nevertheless, we both have pretty huge families.

NC Belle In Boots
Wedding Wednesday


  1. I love the first shot, and the one with you and both parents.

  2. Sweet photos! I think they look great! Sorry you weren't 100% pleased with them, though :(


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