Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things I Don't Do On My Blog

I started this blog 4 years ago strictly as a creative outlet. It has evolved into something larger than that in the last few years. It's become more of a community and much more than just a place for me to write out my thoughts. It's become a place where long-distance friends and family keep up with me and my life. It's a place where companies are actually interested in my thoughts and opinions on their products.

My blog has grown a lot over the last few years, however, there are some things I don't and won't do on here. Some of them are for privacy reasons, some are a product of my upbringing/faith and others are because of my readers.

Things I Don't Do On My Blog

1. Write sponsored posts for items/services that aren't relevant to my audience and readers. I cannot tell you how many times I've been approached for scrapbooking software and I've politely declined because I don't think my readers are really much of that demographic. Or maybe, it's just that I'm not. :) Also, I was approached a year or so ago about doing a campaign with a well-known liquor company and while I do drink, I'm just not down with endorsing a bunch of drink recipes and drinking games because that's not me. My sponsored posts or product reviews are all on things that I think y'all care about or would be interested in.

2. Cuss. This doesn't directly relate to my personal life, because I do think cursing for comedic relief is quite hilar...but there's something about actually typing it out in a blog post that makes it feel really bad. Now, I'm not knocking anyone else who does on their own blogs...because...quite frankly, they are some of the more hilarious blogs I read. It's just not my thing.

3. Discuss my finances. Why would anyone put that on their blog in the first place? Like, I don't want or need to know how much anyone makes...and no one needs to know about me. :)

4. Discuss my political beliefs. I do have pretty strong convictions when it comes to politics, but I won't share them on the blog. Why? Well, because I don't want to be labeled as a certain way or another. Also, it's nobody's biznatch. Just me and my voting booth. And, if I'm completely honest, because I see politics as confrontational and I avoid conflict at ALL COSTS.

5. Proselytize. I am a Christian and I do write about my faith on the blog. But I will not use this blog as a method to convert other people to Christianity by force. If you read my thoughts on faith and have questions or comments, I'm happy to address, but I'm not going to ram anything down your throat. Again, this is probably due to my conflict-phobia...but oh well.

6. NOT share my views on animal adoption. It's blatantly apparent on TSF that I am pro-animal adoption and don't endorse, condone or agree with buying animals from breeders unless you are going to show your pet...which most people aren't.


  1. I enjoyed this and learnt a lot about you and your blog.
    I hate going to blogs where it is just a review, review review... people do it for the free stuff obviously.
    I am curious about the scrapbooking though? Do you have any leads on a scrapbooking company that would want a review as I scrapbook a lot

  2. I did a scrapbooking review years ago and hated myself for it. Now I know better!

    I think it's awesome that I know you're a Christian but not because you ram it down my throat - does that make sense? It just blends into your writing in mentions and is a part of who you are. I respect that.

    I am okay with buying a dog from a breeder if you've done your research. In my opinion some families aren't cut out for shelter/rescue dogs. I have a breeder dog that I researched for three years and two that we adopted. I'd go both routes again.


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