Thursday, December 8, 2011

inspiration workshop: holiday decor

 I'm linking up today over at Gussy Sews for this week's Inspiration Workshop. The prompt is HOLIDAY DECOR.

[creepily licks lips, flexes interlocked fingers and stretches head side to side]

I've been waiting on this prompt for a lllooonnnnggg time. I absolutely love decorating my house for Christmas and seeing how other people decorate for Christmas as well. (despite how voyeuristic that sounds)

One day when I'm rich, I'll have a room (bedroom, study, front room, etc) in my house where I can put a PINK CHRISTMAS TREE.

Yep. As tacky as you might think it is, I really, REALLY want to have a pink Christmas tree someday. I've been on a bit of a Christmas tree jag lately, but I've still been pouring over Pinterest and Tumblr for some beeyouteeful pink trees.

Below, my friends, are some of my faves...and further inspiration for my one-day Holiday Decor!

Oh man, don't y'all LOVE the last picture? Okay, so maybe it's not technically a PINK tree, but it's got a lot of pink in it...and so does the room. Ahhh. Someday, I will have this Barbie tree! Okay, so maybe you don't love it...maybe it makes you retch. Either way, that's my dream HOLIDAY DECOR. What's yours?


  1. Pink! My girls would adore that tree.

  2. i love this too! the last picture is amazing! i love all the white paper in the first! by the follower!

  3. I like the middle on the best. I would like a pink tree but I am not sure how my hubby would feel about that LOL! Maybe if I have a little girl someday I will get her a pink tree for her room! :-)

  4. Oh I love your inspiration pics April! The bottom picture is my favorite and I so want a room that looks like that! Found you from Gussy Sews...;)

  5. Girl, we have the same taste!!!! I LOVE LOVE pink!!!

  6. Oh how I love that last tree. I found you through Maggie's Christmas Decor linkup.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I think Pink is my dream, too. But I will probably have to wait until we have a daughter (hopefully) so I can put a pink tree in her room. Not sure it'll fly with the fiance otherwise. Sigh.


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