Friday, December 16, 2011


 It's FRIDAY y'all! I'm so excited for so many reasons.

1. Christmas is in a week!!!!
2. Some of my besties are coming all the way down to Wilmington (from Charlotte) to see ME this weekend!!
3. I'm done with my Christmas shopping!
4. It's time for another edition to InstaFriday!!

Linking up with Jeannett here again this week.

He's a curious boy.

The new Coca Cola Freestyle machine at the Firehouse by my house. It has over 120 combinations of drinks AND Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper...from the fountain. Oh snap! You can make all sorts of combinations or just drink 1. It's freestyle!!

I did a light blue nail this week with my ring finger nail in purple/blue glitter. Yeah, so I did something trendy. So what?! I LIKE it. ;)

Over the weekend I did a photoshoot down at Fort Fisher Beach. It was a gorgeous (albeit chilly) afternoon.

My company had their Christmas party and this was the ceiling in the room. I thought it was so pretty!!

I made one of these for my sister, brother-in-law and dad for Christmas. It's a Mason Jar Wineglass.

Well, that's it for today's InstaFriday! Tune in later this morning for a blog post link up with Leslie's Confessional Friday!!


  1. Oh my word- a Coke machine that lets me get a vanilla coke zero from the fountain? No way! SO exciting!! Stopping by from InstaFriday!

  2. Your nails came out super cute. And that Coca-Cola machine is so awesome but I don't drink pop so it wouldn't be fun for me :( haha

    Have fun this weekend!

  3. I love the nails!! I think sparkly is coming back!!
    I've seen it more & more. Also all the ladies from
    Real Housewives of Atlanta rock the ring finger different
    color polish!! I think I'm getting that done today!!

  4. Ash, I think you should get red nails with one green sparkly nail. :) You know, for Christmas.


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