Thursday, December 29, 2011

things that make you go EEWWWW

Today's Wildcard Thursday post came to me yesterday when I did something that made me say "Eewwww" out loud. Of course, my twisted mind caused me to immediately put that into a song parody and thus today's post title. "Things That Make You Go Eewww". Do y'all remember that song "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" from back in the day? It was 1991, as a matter of fact, and the artist was C&C Music Factory. (Side note: Up until yesterday I referred to them as CC Music Factory, unintentionally leaving out the "&". It wasn't until a coworker pointed out the AND that I realized I'd been pronouncing it wrong the whole time.) But I digress...

Do you ever have moments when something happens to you, someone says something to you or a thought crosses your mind that grosses you out and just makes you say "ewww"? 

Here are some of the things that make ME go "eewww":
1. Sitting on a public toilet seat that is still warm. IDK, it's just gross. I'd rather hover than sit in that situation.
2. When my parents ask us kids to "leave the house for awhile" when we're all staying in the same house for summer vacation.
3. When babies hold an animal cracker or cookie in their hand and "suck" on it for awhile and it's all slobbery and gross. Seriously. Gag reflex activated.
4. Drooling babies - in general. (No offense intended for my mama readers out in the a matter of fact, I applaud you for being able to handle them...because I don't think I could.)
5. I don't like feet. They just gross me out. For the most part, people's feet are disgusting. I don't mind puppy feet though and they are even kind of cute. :)
6. Bodily fluids gross me out too. I avoid sharing drinks with people at ALL costs...even my family and the thought of accidentally touching something that someone sneezed on...vom.
7. Touching cold, raw hot dogs makes me say "eewww". I LOVE hot dogs, but the cold dog right out of the package that's still covered in hot dog "juice" is absolutely revolting. That's why God invented kitchen tongs. Hallelujah.
8. Frogs. One of my greatest fears is accidentally stepping on one while barefooted. Frogs pretty much make me go "eewww"...and make me go "ahhhhh" as well!

What are some things that make you go "eewwww"?


  1. Drooling babies are easy. It's potty training toddlers with runny noses that are really gross. Sucking on a cookie or teething biscuit is gross. My son did that once and I never gave him a teething biscuit again. God made goldfish and teddy grahams for a reason:)

  2. It was literally like you took this list right out my my head! Especially baby slobber and kids sucking on crackers....BLEH!! And yeah, warm seats in general give me the creeps, haha!


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