Monday, December 12, 2011

twelve on twelve: unique gift ideas

 Today  is twelve-twelve-eleven. Not quite as cool as eleven-eleven-eleven, but still, coolness.

Anywho, so for today, I'm giving you a list of twelve really good gift ideas that I've been gathering via The Internets.

Twelve [Really, Super Awesome and Totally Unique] Gift Ideas:

1. Pashmina Scarves. I don't know any woman who wouldn't want one!
2. Munch Stache Cookie Cutters. Seriously. Who doesn't want moustache-shaped cookies.
3. Emergency Underpants Dispenser. Because EVERYONE needs an emergency stash.
4. Earonic iPhone Cover. You could pretend that you're not even talking on the phone.
5. Man Skills. Here's a guide to learning how to "be a man".
6. Dog Lips Toy. Because how funny would it be to see Fido (or Hewitt) walking around with these in his mouth.
7. Not Your Mom's Dinner Party Conversation Starters. Heh. It will keep you entertained for sure!
8. Recycled Glass Tree Globes. Beautiful to hang year-round AND eco-friendly.
9. Recycled Wine Bottle Servers. This would make a great "green" hostess gift!
10. Bacon Tie. The perfect gift for dad or your Jewish friends (hi Mordy!). The bacon tie.
11. Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow. Hey, it will bring a little whimsy to the bedroom. And satisfy that midnight sweet tooth. ;)
12. Flower Power USB Fan. Got a coworker who complains that it's always too warm in the office? This is perfect for them!

Well, I hope this gets you started. Happy gift-giving and Merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE the wine platters!

  2. These are all gift ideas are so cute but i like gift to their friend Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow,thanks for share this post.


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