Friday, December 30, 2011

instafessional friday

I can't believe it's Friday again. It seems to have gone by so quickly because of the holiday and short work week, but you'll never see me complainin' about a Friday! No siree!

But that means that it's time for another edition of Instafessional Friday (my weird name for a combination of both InstaFriday and Confessional Friday posts).

So without further adieu...

This past weekend was most favorite holiday of all. I celebrated it in style, y'all!

Confession #1: I started a diet/exercise plan this week. (Tuesday) I may or may not have gone a little crazy over the Christmas weekend as my "last hurrah" before the diet started. This alleged "last hurrah" may or may not have included my cousin Tammy's delicious sugar cookies and my cousin Teena's swiss meringue buttercream chocolate cake.

Confession #2: I have a serious complex phobia issue with taking photos that include humans. I have no problem taking pictures of animals, or nature, but not so much of people. I resolved to change that a bit over the week and took a few photos of me, my sisters, and my little 2nd cousin Noah.

Confession #3: When people complain about the horrible Christmas presents that they got from their in-laws, coworkers or great aunt Gertrude, I secretly snicker and grin on the inside because my family knows me so well. Rarely do I get a gift that I'm like, "Well, that will be in the re-gift closet soon." Here are two things my sister got for me for Christmas. Glitter nail polish and gray ballet flats. Swoon.

Confession #4: I have more pictures of my dog on my phone than anything else. Also, I may or may not have had a conversation with him on the long car trip home after Christmas about what Santa brought him. (hangs head in shame)

Well, that's all the confessions that I have for this week. Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

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  1. People who DON'T talk to their pets are weird. We're the normal ones.

  2. Looove those ballet flats! So cute!


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