Tuesday, February 14, 2012

fashion week: how to dress for a holiday

Well, since most of the major holidays tend to have a color scheme, people assume that wearing those colors is how to dress for that holiday. Well, that is BASICALLY true. But, wearing green jeans with a red sweater isn't the most stylish way to celebrate Christmas. (and don't even get me started on Christmas sweaters...) It is possible to wear holiday-appropriate colors and still look chic.

It's appropriate for today because, well, it's Valentine's Day. A holiday celebrated in red and pink. Now, many people would simply don every piece of red AND pink clothing in order to seem festive, but might I suggest an outfit that would seem festive without...urm...erring on the tacky side?

how to dress for the holidays tastefully

And I'm biased towards cold-weather holidays either...you can achieve a tasteful, yet festive look for Independence Day and Easter as well.

how to dress for the holidays and still be stylish
For the Fourth, the key is a statement piece...the red and white striped tee. Everything else is basically a neutral. For Easter, you almost always imagine pastels, right? Well, you can wear pastels without looking like a bowl of M&Ms. The key is sticking to no more than 3 pastel colors in one outfit. In this one, I've paired aqua and pale yellow and then deepened the aqua shade to teal for the shoes. The white tank balances out the colors. Now, if the tank were, say pastel pink or if the shoes were light blue, you might look a little too much like a decorated Easter egg. Side note: Dang, I want that Easter outfit for my closet!!

It's super-easy to incorporate the holiday spirit into your outfit without overdoing it. Think balance, neutrals and color combinations. For more on color combinations, tune in Friday for a special post about combining color together in your wardrobe.

Thanks for joining me today and Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I'm celebrating by baking some brownies, eating a cheeseburger and watching The Notebook for the first time. Sometimes, you just can't beat being single on this holiday. HA!


  1. I don't know if I will dress for the holiday but I did pick outfits for my kids! A red polo and jeans for my son and this shirt:


    with gray jeans and pink heart covered socks for my daughter :)
    All of the outfits you created are great! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I like these outfits for you...I can't imagine wearing either of those pastely outfits.


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