Monday, February 20, 2012

updates on life and blog

Hello friends. Happy Monday!

Blog Updates: I hope you enjoyed last week's fashion posts. I definitely enjoyed writing them. Over the last month or so I tried keeping to a blog schedule (specified posts on certain days) and I realized that I just don't love it. I like being a little more random with my posts. I like be able to post about what's on my mind or what I'm enjoying at the moment. So, I won't be sticking to a regular blog post topic schedule anymore. Oh, I'll still be blogging throughout the week, but it won't exactly be set posts. I hope that's okay with y'all. I feel it's just more true to ME. Because I'm random and all. HA!

Also, I'm going to focus more on growing my blog readership. So, you might be seeing a few more link-up party posts because those seem to be the best way to grow my readership. I've tried sponsoring other blogs in the past, but I've seen far more results from weekly link ups.

Life Updates: About a week ago I was offered a job...seemingly out of the blue. Now, I already have a job and wasn't looking around for something else and this just kind of came out of the blue. This job is, well, basically it's a dream job. It's something I've always imagined myself doing and to be given the opportunity to do so makes me feel like I need to pinch myself.

The problem: The position, for the time being, is part-time. Unfortunately, I don't have a wealthy benefactor who supports me financially enough to where I can work part-time only. (another word for this wealthy benefactor is a husband...;) So, I was faced with quite a choice. Dream job that's only part-time or full-time job that may or may not evolve into a "career".

I spoke with my current job and told them the dilemma (more or less). They graciously agreed to allow me to work part-time for them while I work part-time at the dream job. Praise the Lord. No kidding. So, now I'll be working 2 part-time jobs M-F 8-5 instead of just 1 full-time job.

Yes, I realize that there are a lot of hurdles I'm going to have to face. I'm going to be working a lot more for less pay and I'll have to pay for my own benefits, but honestly, I really, REALLY feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel like all the doors that have opened (and shut) for me since I've moved to Wilmington are intentional and purposeful and all part of God's master plan. I know He has plans to prosper me and that His will is sovereign.

I start my new job next Monday. I'm so excited to see how this next chapter in my life will unfold and I'm confident that God will continue to bless me along the way.

And the dream job? It's working as an Assistant Public Relations Coordinator for this place on THIS BEACH!! Literally, on the point of the beach and at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. I'll see the ocean everyday at work and I'll be around animals. I'm so excited!

Well, that's all the "news" I have for now. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. How exciting! congrats on the new job!

  2. CONGRATS! That is too awesome, friend.

  3. Congrats on the dream job...found your blog through A Blonde Ambition!! New follower :)

    1. I'm so glad you found my blog!! Thanks for following!

  4. Congrats on the new job! That is so exciting and I'm glad your current job was willing to work with you. :)

    1. Thanks friend! I hope you're doing well being back from "The Great Beyond" and adjusting to life sans-teenage boys. ;)


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