Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wednesday wardrobe: trend vs. (bad) fad

Today's Wednesday Wardrobe post highlights a legitimate trend and a bad fad. The fad was brought to my attention by a coworker (who happens to be male!!) and I decided to issue a public service announcement regarding the bad fad via my own personal blogosphere. But who wants to read a blog post that's just about something negative? Not me. So, I'm also going to spotlight a super-cute (and WAY better for your feet) trend for the spring/summer.

First, the PSA on this bad fad. Yes, friends, I'm speaking of the one-feather-earring "trend". I hesitate to even call this a trend because it's never really been popular in my eyes. The one earring concept has been around since the 80s (at least) when it was silver cross earrings and studs. Add the popular feather earring trend and you get this weird one-feather-earring concept that is really, quite Pocahontas-like. Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a look...

feather earring "trend"

Yeesh. Well, thankfully, this look seems to be dying out. Hopefully. This has been a public service announcement to all of you fashionable fiends. Avoid this "trend" like the plague. I mean, of course that's assuming you DON'T want to look like Squanto's sister.

And now, ladies and gents, on to the trend. Merciful heavens, this trend is FINALLY making it's way around. The trend is chunky heels on pumps. Yes, ladies, our feet, legs and back will rejoice!! No longer are we subject to teeny, weenie stiletto heels because this trend is back with a vengeance this spring. Chunky square heels, heavy platform heels and wide, wooden stacked heels are totally in, y'all. Look for these pretties in a variety of colors and fabrics. Target has some very cute pseudo-suede and canvas pumps right now. (The leopard ones below are from Target.) Don't feel guilty about replacing a few of your stilettos with some of their chunkier cousins...your feet will thank you.

shoe trend: chunky heel

So, to sum it up. Embrace this chunky heeled trend and resist the urge to wear a feather in your ear. RE-SIST.


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