Friday, February 3, 2012


Whoohoo! It's Friday! Y'all know what Friday means on A Little of This and That... InstaFriday!! I'm linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for today's post.

I took this pretty little shot while I was on my way home to Charlotte last Friday evening. I spent the weekend there with my friends and family.

Part of the weekend's festivities included a trip to the groomer for Mr. Hewitt. He decided to pout for the rest of the day on Saturday and sulked outside on the porch.

Saturday night, I went to some friends' NEW house for a night of Scrabble, Fiesta Chicken, Dr. Pepper and Fruit Ninja on the Kinect.

One thing you should know about my dad is that he has super powers. He has the power to detect when one of us in the house turns the heat up even one degree (from 63 to 64!!) and thus pitch a hissy fit. So, my weekend at home was spent either in my pink snuggie or by the fireplace for warmth.

My little buddy is all tuckered out after his weekend trip to Charlotte and back.

Took this one while on my way home from work on day. (I was at a stoplight!!) This was my $7 leopard print cardi from Target. It was destiny for me to have it. It was the only one left, in my size in a random spot. There were no others even remotely like it anywhere in the store. Divine providence, I'd say.

Well, that's all I have for today's InstaFriday. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Love your sweater and that fiesta chicken dish looks great- share the recipe if you can! :)

  2. hewitt threw a fit? silly guy!
    my mom has the same heater super power.
    until she and i had a long talk, and i told her i wouldn't come over anymore if her house wasn't heated to a comfortable temperature.
    eventually it totally worked! now its quite tropical when i come visit ;)
    they totally compensate and sit in the freezing when i'm NOT there. it's actually kinda funny!

  3. @Holly, here is the recipe (originally found on Pinterest).


  4. We ALL wear a hoodie or some type sweater/jacket in the house. Today is gorgeous though and the windows are up! Love the Target sweater! Dropping in from InstaFriday.

  5. oh goodness your pup is so cute! my instagrams are usually monopolized by my own dog, too!

    i just started an instagram link party at my own blog, and i'd love for you to hop on over there and help me get it started by linking up!

    thanks so much and i love your blog!


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