Sunday, August 12, 2012

40 Free (and Fun) Things to Do

Hey, let's face it...sometimes money is TIGHT.

When such is the case, no one wants to sit around and do nothing, right? So here are are 40 fun things to do that are FREE!*

1. Go to your local library and check out cool DVDs or books.
2. Make mudpies.
3. Go to a free wine tasting.
4. Take a picnic to the local park or beach.
5. Make life lists.
6. Read your favorite books or poems out loud in as many accents as possible.
7. Have a board game-a-thon with your friends or family.
8. Walk or stroll around a local lake or pond.
9. Walk a neighbor's dogs for the exercise.
10. Host an impromptu talent show with the kids and their friends.
11. Have a nature scavenger hunt.
12. 2 words: TRIVIA CONTEST
13. Bum a ride on a friend's boat for the day.
14. Volunteer somewhere (animal shelter, soup kitchen, recovery clinic)
15. Window shop.
16. Visit the flea market or local farmer's market.
17. Bake something and take it to your local police/fire/medic station.
18. Look up your local historical sites. Many of these are free.
19. Create greeting cards for senior citizens in long term care.
20. Drive to a nearby beach or lake and spend the day.
21. Look up the nearest tourist "trap" in your area and visit it.
22. Do a digital photo scavenger hunt. (Scavengers must take a photo of the object or them with the object.)
23. Pick a company to "invest" in for the day and calculate how much you would've lost or gained at the end of the day.
24. Create a work of art using only recycled or found objects.
25. Learn all of the words to "Por Ti Volare" Italian. Perform it in front of your family at dinner.
26. Memorize the states in the United States of America in alphabetical order. "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida..."
27. Write a song.
28. Plant a garden using seeds you've harvested from fruits and veggies you've eaten or prepared.
29. Eat dessert first. Or better yet, eat it for breakfast! :)
30. Organize your closet by color.
31. Borrow a neighbor's pogo stick/hula hoop/jump rope and get to it!
32. Write a letter to an editor.
33. Take a hike. Go to to find nearby trails.
34. Monogram something...your cooler, a napkin, your sister.
35. Go an entire evening without using electricity. (lights, tv, etc) Use candles for lighting and play board games, cards or tell ghost stories!
36. Set up a mock game of Family Feud.
37. Learn to say "I Love You" in French, Swedish, American Sign Language, Japanese and Swahili.
38. Replicate carnival/fair games in your backyard. (Ring toss, basketball throw, cup topple, etc.)
39. Accompany a buddy on a guest pass to a gym or dance class.
40. Find a sugar daddy who will buy you drinks. ;)

* (As in, they cost no money...I'm not calculating the cost of gas or supplies and all that jazz, mmkay?)


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