Sunday, August 26, 2012

workwear shopping haul

I recently blogged about how over the last year I've basically been on a shopping freeze for financial reasons. However, since I start my new job tomorrow and it is more of a professional environment than jobs in the past, I knew I needed to stock up on some workwear essentials.

This afternoon, I'm headed to another of my favorite stores to get some dress pants, but yesterday I hit up a few other stores and came back with this haul.

workwear haul

You'll see that I did add 2 more cardigans to my growing stash...however, they were both neutral cardis that will help in the wardrobe remixing. I have a lot of colorful cardis but sometimes lack in the neutral department.

The black blazer and brown flats are also neutral purchases that go with many things in my closet. The two fun shells will be great under cardigans or blazers. The purple one was on clearance and is actually a bit more of a purple/blue subtle print but this one was the closest I could find.

I can't wait to mix these up and incorporate them into my wardrobe! Yay for new outfit posts!!

Happy Sunday dudes and dudettes.


  1. I really like those tortoiseshell flats. They're neutral without being boring.

    1. Thanks Selah! I instantly gravitated towards them when I saw them. They are SO cute. It was good to see you today!

  2. Replies
    1. Whoops! I replied on the wrong post. ;) Though I was at GS today...

  3. LOVE these looks! I especially love the black jacket top with shoes!...workwear

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