Friday, August 17, 2012

confessional friday

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm gonna get right to it today.

//1. I confess that no matter how broke I am, I'll always have a few extra dollars for fresh flowers. I just love 'em. Flowers are my fave! The future Mr. G will have to bring me flowers on the regular. Heh.

//2. I confess that I said "Bless you" to my dog when he sneezed and it was the SECOND time I did it that I stopped and caught myself. #smh

//3. I confess that most of my life is currently in boxes. That's the worst part of moving. Packing your life into boxes and bins. Sigh.

//4. I confess that I'm scared to DEATH that I'll have bad kids one day. Does anyone else worry about that? What if my kids are like the ones on Maury that go to boot camp?

//5. I confess that I'll catch a slightly maternal urge every once in awhile. Sometimes it's with my dog. Sometimes it's when I see little tow-headed girls with beetle haircuts and pink glasses wearing leotards and rainboots in Walmart. :)

//6. I confess that I've been stalking these for a few weeks now. They are versatile AND cheap. These will be added to my wardrobe with my first paycheck. YYEEESSS!!!

Womens Lower East SideWomen's Chelsea Flat

Oh, and these too..

Womens Lower East SideWomen's Chelsea Flat

//7. I confess that I can re-watch episodes of New Girl and still find hilarious things I missed watching the first few times. Seriously. It is so funny. 

I'm linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday. Head on over and check out the other confessions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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