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It's no secret that I lurve me some football.

And it's getting closer and closer to the start of the season. (Can I get an amen?)

I saw this post and was inspired to do my own outfits based on football uniforms. Basically, I wanted to show ways to represent your fave team without necessarily wearing a jersey or t-shirt.

Because this girl likes to look good...especially when she's watching her man play.

So here are a few outfits I put together based on football uniforms. Oh, and since it's MY blog, I chose some of my fave teams/players. Because that's how I roll...

I chose to start off with The Drew because, simply, he's the man. The Saints' all-black uniform is my favorite, by far. I went for a mostly black look with gold accents. I wore my gold pumps and a black and gold J Crew bubble necklace. I'm representing my team and still looking girly. (even with a crooked shirt!)
Tank: Rue 21//Cardigan: Old Navy//Jeans: Levi's//Pumps: Rack Room Shoes (similar)//Necklace: J Crew c/o Blog Giveaway

I'm rocking my garnet, black and white just like Marcus Lattimore of my beloved Gamecocks. Notice that my shoes are GARNET and not red. There is a difference, believe me. Garnet is darker than true red. And true red would make our colors just like those of the enemy, so we roll with garnet. I did white and gray pinstriped pants with black on top. I wish I had a garnet colored statement necklace. Y'all be on the lookout for one, okay?
Tank and Cardigan: Rue 21//Pants: Old Navy (similar)//Shoes: Target (similar)

I am a fan of the Tebow. He's such a stand-up guy, you know? He really seems like he's got his head on his shoulders even IF he played in Florida. Also, he has a tendency to play for teams with blue, orange and white team colors. Weird? Well, I tend to like this combination. Navy and orange is such a classic combo that I had no problem finding an outfit to interpret the Denver uniform with.
Top: Old Navy//Jeans: Levi's//Necklace: J Crew via Ebay//Shoes: Target (shop in gold)

I know what y'all are thinking...did she really just go there? Did she really just do outfits based on football.

Yes. Yes she did. ;)

I really have no way to end this post, so, urm... how about a little eye candy to end it?


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  1. LOL- I enjoyed this post about football. I love watching football even though I don't have a favorite team... I guess my team is the team "cute, muscular men wearing tight pants"

  2. I love this post! Yay for loving some football girl! :)

  3. This. Is. AWESOME! I live overseas and college football is one of the things I miss the most. Might have to work on some similar outfits for my schools.. too fun!


  4. Oh, I love it! Way to show some spirit sans jersey! I think the Broncos one is my fave!!!

  5. This is a perfect post for you. That is all.

  6. I'm not a football fan (don't hit me) but I love baseball. I think my love of navy & white and stripes can be directly linked to my beloved Yankees! :)

    Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? There was an episode where the girls went to a Harvard/Yale football game and Lorelai (the mom) wore crimson (Harvard color) even though her daughter was a Yalie. There was a whole discussion about whether she was wearing crimson or just red. Your garnet shoes reminded me of it.

    1. HAHAHA, well, there is definitely a difference in those two colors. I remember when I used to play basketball and the refs would call us "blue" or sometimes "green" when our jerseys were teal. I really wanted to correct him. But I guess "teal" just doesn't roll off the tongue as well when you're a bball ref. ;)

  7. Can. Not. Wait. For. FOOTBALL. Your outfits are adorable and super-festive. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading (and commenting). I'm counting down the days until football starts. :)

  8. DO MY UNIFORM! Except I don't have one. Take a picture of me and then just base it off that. :)

  9. April, I love me some football too and I love this post!! You are so right about the garnet/red thing. However, I could never bring myself to wear orange, that is a color of the real enemy!!! :)


  10. Girl you have some Style!!! :)!

  11. Handpicked has some good Carolina jewelry.....the closest one to you might by Myrtle Beach....or you can always come to Charleston ;)

    1. Thanks Jamie! I actually went on their website and they have some really cute stuff online that is garnet. :) Thanks for the suggestion!


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