Wednesday, August 15, 2012

introduction and a survey

Hello there!

I realized that I've had quite a few new followers lately so I figured I'd spend today formally introducing myself.

For those of you that know me and have been a part of my blog for awhile, would you do me a teensy, weensy wittle favor? Would you skip on down to the end of this post and take my super-short-five-question blog survey?  I'd be ever so thankful if you did. (Of course, feel free to read on if you'd like!) It will help me know what you like to read about and what you don't like to read.

So, a little about me...

My name is April. I'm 27. (GASP!)

I love shoes and dessert and can't really go a day without chocolate. (Seriously!) I don't drink coffee or really like vegetables so much. But I'm learning to appreciate them. I'm a Carolina girl (born and bred) and a natural blonde. (can you believe it?) I've recently become (fake) tanorexic after having lived my life in 50 shades of pale. Seafood? No thanks. But give me a bologna, mayonnaise and banana sandwich and I'll be your best friend. I have a fur child named Hewitt and love animals.

Um, I'm a bit of a grammar snob but I still have problems spelling the word "separately". You'll never catch me wearing Ugg boots but you will catch me being a habitual ballet flat wearing offender. I'm a singer and I play guitar and keyboard. I'm passionate about Jesus, literacy and reading, animal adoption, music and laughing.

And now, for the survey...

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