Tuesday, August 21, 2012

top 5 tuesday: fall loves

I can't wait for fall. 

No lie. It's my fave season. 

However, to prepare for this fall, there are a few things I need to invest in. You know, because fall wardrobe shopping IS essential. ;)

Here are my top 5 fall loves...

fall wishlist

fall wishlist by aprilanne147 featuring slipper shoes

1. Leopard print: I only have one thing that is leopard print. (GASP!) I'm thinking this cutie dress or bag from one of my favorite stores is in my immediate future.

2. Light brown boots: I only have a pair of black boots. I really want a pair of light brown, camel or cognac colored boots. These, that have a bit of a wedge heel, would do quite nicely. ;)

3. Polka-dotted/printed scarves: Always a must! I love this particular polka-dotted one.

4. Animal print slippers: I'll admit that it took me awhile to get to where I like these slipper shoes. At first, they remind me of something The Hef would wear. Now, I just think they are cute. 

5. Colored blazers: I've said this before, but now, more than ever, I need some! 

What are some of your fall wardrobe favorites?


  1. i like that blue blazer. It looks long.

  2. hello! i'm new to your blog! i'm Beth and I live in England.
    i am really looking forward to fall too! i love wearing warmer clothes and love love love shopping for them! i can't wait to wear lovely cardigans and jumpers and my red winter coat :)

  3. Apes! I cannot wait for you to move back! My closet is in dire need of your talented eye. Also, I am wanting to wear skirts with flats and thick tights this fall. And blazers. Lots of blazers. And always scarves.

  4. Now that I am used to mixing colors I want some colorful cardigans. I have one purple cardigan but it has some sequins on it. Any tips on wearing sequins for everyday, instead of just special occasions?

    1. Selah, think simple with the cardi. Try it open with a cami/tank underneath with jeans and flats.

      You could also try it with a full/a-line skirt and flats.

    2. Thanks! As soon as I read your reply several items in my closet sprang to mind so I'll try them out with the cardigan. :)


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