Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Randomness

Today's post is brought to you by my random late-night thinking. Let's just see where my stream of consciousness thought patterns take us today, shall we?

Strap on your helmets, kids. This is gonna be a wild one!

Oh, maybe I should address...I usually write my blog posts at night or the night before. I tend to think I'm funnier at that time. However, in my 28 years of life, I realize that it's not the time of day that decides my level of humor, but how sleep deprived I am. Yep. Whenever I ride the Benadryl train to sleepyland I tend to have some crazy stinking dreams, but I'm not so funny in awake life. (Benadryl helps me sleep more soundly.) However, when I am unmedicated and thus, lacking in proper sleep quantities, I can never be completely sure of what comes out of my mouth.

Case in point: today after I got off the phone with someone at work, I announced to my coworkers that I could tell the ethnicity of the person I was talking to over the phone. (For the record, I announced that he was half southeast Asian and half something else. He had a checkered past but was back on the straight-and-narrow. He has a few [regrettable] tribal tattoos and a shaved head.)

I honestly have no idea where that came from. For real.

Also, while talking to Mr. Lots of Dates, I also realized that my "favorite animals" are not the kinds of animals that people normally name as their favorites. Ask someone what their favorite animal is and you might get answers like: tigers, pandas, koalas, monkeys, elephants, giraffes. Ask me what my fave animals are and you'll get: flamingos, seals (or sea lions*), pajama cardinalfish and sloths.

Really, April?

Speaking of sloths:
A baby sloth hugging his favorite stuffed animal.

You're welcome.

Also, so, apparently the art of saying "you're welcome" is fading away with the older generations. My dad and I were having a conversation the other day about how he thinks it's rude when people say "no problem" after someone thanks them for something instead of "you're welcome". I tried to explain to him that "no problem" is basically saying the same thing. You're welcome for doing/saying what I did - It was no problem to do/say what I did. He still thinks it's rude. Another generational gap between the Boomers and the Millenials. After I explained to him who the Millenials are (because I'm one of them) he said, "Thanks for the lesson on generational nomenclature." To which I obviously replied, "No problem".

NOTE: I think that this blog post has gotten progressively funnier as I get progressively more tired. Coincidence?

*I'm still not sure on which out of seals or sea lions I prefer. Sometimes I think one over the other but then I like certain breeds (types) of each. However, anything with a bulbous nose (like the elephant seal) is disgusting. So, maybe I like the sea lions. However, I think seals are what do the shows and stuff at zoos. So, point for seals. There is an evil seal in Happy Feet...or is it a sea lion? You see!!!!!

And, that's all I got for y'all tonight. I promise to return next week with good content and good writing. None of this randomness. Though every once in awhile it is quite entertaining to just turn off the filters and type.



  1. Love your blog! I use to work @ Sea World and those are actually sea lions. They swim differently use front flippers to propel themselves like humans. Seals swish their back flippers back and forth like a shark. Sea lions don't have a fused pelvis so they can sit up like a dog. Seals can't do that and on land they inch along like a worm. Your welcome ;)

    1. Oh my lord, you have made my day! I now pronounce sea lions my favorite. Thanks!!

  2. well, here's what i know about seals and sea lions - something to do with their ears - external or internal.
    we have sea lions around SF bay. they are the one's you'll see floating at pier 39 and the like. :) they are noisy and cute. :)
    although the SF giants mascot is "lou seal" i believe he is a sea lion.
    that is all.

    visit SF. you'll love it. sea lions for days.

    1. I need to come to SF. Even to just see the pier 39 sea lions. So cute!

  3. I too am obsessed with flamingos haha. When I taught elementary school my class was a flock. They were Mrs. Fleming's Flamingos ;) corny YES did they AND I love it? YES!~ I had flamingo curtains and everything! Yep.. not a random animal to like in my book haha ON the thank you and no problem thing, my mom says the SAME thing haha.. I forget her reasoning but I am assuming it is similar. But my grandmother dislikes when people refer to a group as "guys" like "how are you guys doing tonight?" I never realized that people did that until she pointed it out.. go figure... (fyi sloths lol now that IS odd...)

    1. LOL, I'm glad to know that my dad isn't the only one who notices weird things like that. HA!

      Also, flamingos are just plain cool. What other pink animals are there in the world? One of a kind!

    2. Oh. Except for pigs. Dang it...


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